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We would love for you to join us for one of our workshops.

Specific information is listed with each option.

Business meeting

Online Workshop

Enneagram 1-2-3

Coach | Katie Bauer or Kristan Matthews

Do you ask, "why do I do that?"

Are your ready to discover interesting pieces of your personality structure? The Enneagram can help!

This workshop is an introduction to the foundations of the Enneagram. Don't even know what the Enneagram is? No problem! You will learn the structure of the Enneagram, the Core Motivations of the 9 Types, and discover which Enneagram Type most represents you. In'll explore how to bring awareness into your life, enhance relationships, and experience personal growth using this tool through a faith-based lens.


6 week online group workshop introducing how to discover, learn, and grow with the Enneagram.

5 LIVE 60-minute group Zoom calls and one 30-minute typing call with the facilitating coach.

Week #1 | Exploring Enneagram Elements

Week #2 | Discovering Motivations (part 1)

Week #3 | Discovering Motivations (part 2)

Week #4 | Determining Your Enneagram Type (Coach Call)

Week #5 | Becoming A.W.A.R.E

Week #6 | Thriving in Alignment

Workshop Dates TBD

Offering Introductory Pricing

Pricing | $123  (reg. $249)

Payment |

Venmo @pathofdiscovery



>> workshop and payment information will be emailed to you <<

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