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Wild Path

Enneagram Coaches...

Katie Bauer and Kristan Matthews

Discovery and Self-Awareness

of your Enneagram Type

begins with our FREE Assessment.

Meet the POD Team

Welcome to Path of Discovery, LLC.

We are two sisters who love the Enneagram and are passionate about Enneagram Coaching. We believe The Enneagram is an incredible tool to assist you in discovering the true and unique YOU.

We look forward to being a part of your Enneagram journey!

Session Scheduling

Be sure to check out our Coaching Services page for information on our Session options.

FREE Assessment

FREE Enneagram Assessment to begin the journey of discovering


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Coaching Session

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Coaching Sessions with...

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FREE Consultation


A 45-minute call to chat about your desired coaching outcome, helping you in making the ideal decision for your needs.

FREE Consultation with Katie

FREE Consultation with Kristan

“Kristan is “a blessing in disguise.” She has the ability to form interpersonal connections, making me feel like her friend and constantly wanting the best for me. She is an intuitive listener who helped me define my goals and build a path so I can feel success in my personal and professional life. Most importantly, she helped me take back my self-confidence. I recommend Kristan to anyone who wants to transform their life.”

Katie M.

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